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Japanese JLPT N4 all Grammar List

JLPT N4 grammar list

てみる (te miru): to try to

ても (temo): even if, even though

てもらう (te morau): to get somebody to do something

ておく (te oku): to do something in advance

てしまう (te shimau): to do something by accident, to finish completely

てすみません (te sumimasen): I’m sorry for

てよかった (te yokatta): I’m glad that

と (to): if, when, and

ということ (to iu koto): (changes a sentence or phrase into a Noun)

とか~とか (toka ~ toka): among other things, such as

とき (toki): when, at the time

ところ (tokoro): about to, on the verge of

とおもう (to omou): I think, you think

つづける (tsuzukeru): to continue

やすい (yasui): easy to, likely to

より (yori): than

よていだ (yotei da): plan to, intend to

ようだ (you da): it seems that, it appears that, it looks like

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