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Japanese JLPT N4 all Grammar List

JLPT N4 grammar list

This is a list of all the Japanese JLPT N4 Grammar you will need for JLPT N4 examination.

あまり~ない (amari~nai): not very, not much

あとで (ato de): after, later

ば (ba): if… then

場合は (baai wa): in the event of

ばかり (bakari): only, nothing but

だけで (dake de): just by

だす (dasu): to suddenly begin, to suddenly appear

でも (demo): or something

でございます (de gozaimasu): to be (honorific)

がる (garu): to show signs of, to feel, to think

がする (ga suru): smell, hear, taste

ごろ (goro): around, about

ございます (gozaimasu): to be, to exist (honorific)

はじめる (hajimeru): to start, to begin to

はずだ (hazu da): it must be, it should be

はずがない (hazu ga nai): cannot be

ひつよう (hitsuyou): need, necessary

ひつようがある (hitsuyou ga aru): it is necessary to

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