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Japanese JLPT N4 all Grammar List

JLPT N4 grammar list

なら (nara): if, in case, as for

なさい (nasai): command (order somebody to do something)

なさる (nasaru): to do (honorific)

にくい (nikui): difficult to, hard to

のなかで (no naka de): in, among

のに(noni) – 1: in order to

のに (noni) – 2: although, in spite of, even though

のように / のような (no you ni/no you na): like, similar to

お~ください (o~kudasai): please do (honorific)

お~になる (o~ni naru): to do (honorific)

おきに (oki ni): repeated at intervals, every

おわる (owaru): to finish, to end

られる (rareru) – 1: to be able to do something

られる (rareru) – 2: (passive voice)

らしい (rashii): seems like

さ (sa): (nominalizer for adjectives)

させる (saseru): to make/let somebody do something

させられる (saserareru): to be made to do something

し (shi): and

しか~ない (shika~nai): only, nothing but

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