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Japanese JLPT N4 all Grammar List

JLPT N4 grammar list

そんなに (sonna ni): so, so much, like that

それでも (sore demo): but still, and yet

そうに/そうな (sou ni/sou na): seem, look like

そうだ (sou da) – 1: I heard that, it is said that

そうだ (sou da) – 2: look like, appear, seem

すぎる (sugiru): too much

たばかり (ta bakari): just did, something just happened

たがる (tagaru): to want to

たら (tara): if, after, when

たらどう (tara dou): why don’t you

たり~たり (tari~tari): do such things like

たところ (ta tokoro): just finished doing, was just doing

てあげる (te ageru): to do something for someone

てある (te aru): something is/has been done

てほしい (te hoshii): I need you to

ていく (te iku): to go on, to start

ているところ (teiru tokoro): in the process of doing

ていただけませんか (te itadakemasen ka): could you please

てくれる (te kureru): to do something for someone

てくる (te kuru): to come to, to become, to continue

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