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Japanese N5 Grammar list

Japanese N5 Grammar list

In this post I summarize the major Japanese grammar points for the N5 examination.

Please find below a reference video i used to study for the JLPT N5 level. Enjoy!

だ / です (da / desu): to be (copula)

だけ (dake): only, just

だろう (darou): probably

で (de) – 1: at, in

で (de) – 2: with, by

でしょう (deshou): I think, probably

が (ga) – 1: subject marker

が (ga) – 2: but, however

がある (gaaru): there is (used for non-living things)

がいる (gairu): there is (used for living things)

ほうがいい (hou ga ii) 1: it’d be better to

ほうがいい (hou ga ii) 2: it’d be better to not

いちばん (ichiban): the most

か (ka) 1: or (A or B, choice between 2 objects)

か (ka) 2: question particle

から (kara) 1: because, since

から (kara) – 2: from

けれども (keredomo): but, although

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