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Japanese Reading Practice for N2

Japanese reading Text for N2

In the post we will practice a Japanese reading test for the N2 level of Japanese. Identifying Vocabulary used and trying to understand the main idea behind the flyer!

When it comes to reading, the most important aspect of reading is identifying the structure in the sentence and the vocabulary used (including Kanji). The most difficult aspect of reading Japanese is by far the kanji and trying to interpret the meaning behind them.

The test below was taken from a Japanese Practice text book, and is an example of a sign from a fashion Centre.

Fashion Center Yamamura ! Go ahead an try to interpret the Text !

This test snippet is about a special sale for Members given via invitation. this talks about a sale given to members for a limited time period between 3days in July from Tuesday – Thursday. This special discount is emphasized to be for members only and for a very limited period. Benefits include discount on items and new items.

Vocabulary List:

ファッション = Fashion

センター = center

会員様 = member

招待 = invitation

期間限定 = limited time period

だけに (grammar) = given the case that….

届ける = To deliver 案内 = Leading to, guidance

日間 = set number of days 新製品 = new products

割引商品 = discounted products

価格 = Price/value

店頭表示価格 = Over the counter Price [てんと ひょうじ かかく」

店内全品 = All items in the store

購入こうにゅう = To purchase さらに = moreover

来店 ⁼ visiting a store お客様 = customer

記念品 = souvenir

Questions for the Above Text:

Questions for the text above

Answers for the questions:

Q1 = 4

Q2 = 1