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Moving to Malta From Japan (Jobs in Malta)

Why Do Japanese Love Malta

When it comes to Travelling to Japan I have met some Japanese people who came over to the Island of Malta. But how do Japanese people know about such a Tiny Island and why do Japanese people love Malta. In order to find out we must answer a few questions.

reasons for working in Japan

Why Should You Work In Japan?

Working in Japan has various advantages and disadvantages, however in this post we will focus on the positive of working in Japan. As with any other country working abroad can be challenging and at times difficult, there is no doubt that the transition can be hard for some people.

However keeping yourself positively thinking

The best Job hunting websites in Japan

The Best Job Hunting Websites To find Work In Japan

When it comes to finding a Job, whether you live in the UK, Malta or Japan most of the Job hinting is now being done online. Most people become English teachers in Japan as this guarantees that a working visa and a job that doesn’t really require Japanese.

Drinking green ceremony

Japanese Tea ceremony (茶道の歴史について)

今日は日本のお茶会について話したいと思います。この内容は、私が昔プレゼンテーションを行ったものを転記したため、口語主体になってしまうことをご了承ください。 日本のお茶会について、私たちは「茶道」と呼びます。茶道は日本の伝統文化であり、お茶を提供し、飲むものです。通常、主催者が数人のお客様を小さな部屋に招き、抹茶を提供します。茶道に使われる茶は抹茶と呼ばれる、とても綺麗な緑の粉末です。また、「お茶菓子」と呼ばれる和菓子もお茶と一緒に提供されます。… Read More »Japanese Tea ceremony (茶道の歴史について)