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My plans to move to Japan

Tokyo moving to Japan

At the time of writing this blog post, Im currently living on a Small island working as a junior doctor in Malta (Europe). I started writing this blog in 2021 as part of my learning process to studying Japanese.

The first time I went to Japan I was shocked by the overwhelming level of technology and the amazing landscape and food.

So why did i study Japanese?

With everything in life i never planned on studying Japanese, it just happened. Having an opportunity to study for a few weeks during medical school back in 2018 really propelled me to start studying Japanese seriously. Personally what i found amazing in Japan are the buildings, the onsens, the small apartments and the trains and of course the Temples and culture.

I was never a person who was really into anime or any form of Japanese movies or entertainment, however at university I got to meet many Japanese people, who made me realize how awesome the Japanese Language is.

I basically started from JLPT N5 using Genki I and II textbooks and progressed over to Soumatome for N3 and N2. Although the Kanzen Master Series are really great for the JLPT exams, i personally find them quite challenging when it comes to studying the material.

Im my own personal struggle to find the best method of studying and using Anki, flashcards and YouTube, i personally think that writing things down and organizing things into steps is the best option to learn a language as all forms of learning are essentially input!

As explained clearly in the video by What I’ve Learned the way we study a language effects whether or not we are successful at learning it.

So what about Medicine and becoming a doctor?

After alot of thinking and working night shifts on the wards I’ve decided that after 2 years I will just stop my training, get my basic training license that is usually awarded after 2 years of practice and try move over to Japan.

Personally what I think is that Yes medicine is a great rewarding career on paper, yes the salary is good at a senior level, however it takes time, hours training and usually will suck up all your life and energy.

In order to pursue happiness and my own goals i have decided not to continue down the route of medicine/pharmacy or any healthcare for that matter and try to more into either web development, software engineering and try to eventually find a job in Japan while working in software or health science company.

So for all of you guys supporting my blog, I am super grateful, and whish that this blog is a gateway of knowledge to help people who want learn Japanese with me!