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Why Should You Work In Japan?

reasons for working in Japan

Working in Japan has various advantages and disadvantages, however in this post we will focus on the positive of working in Japan. As with any other country working abroad can be challenging and at times difficult, there is no doubt that the transition can be hard for some people.

However keeping yourself positively thinking

Language immersion

Sometimes learning Japanese in a classroom or out of a book is not the best option to learn a language and become fluent in speaking. Japanese is a hard language and fluency requires practice and interaction within an environment that is dynamic. In order to learning how to speak you should also learn how to listen and interact with the culture.

Living and working in Japan can help you build up the necessary skills needed in order to practice speaking and becoming able to comprehend the language further.

Teaching positions are great as this allows a great deal of flexibility when it comes to language learning outside of work. Most ALTs work from 8.30 am to around 4.30pm.

Studying while in Japan should not be so rigid but actually more dynamic, that allows you to interact with the environment and the people.

Explore Japan

Of course there is a difference between what we see on TV and what it actually is like to live and work in Japan. Working in Japan allows you to see a more realistic aspect of the daily routines of Japanese people.

Apart from Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, there are more Japanese cities for us to explore and living and working in Japan is a great way to get to see the less touristic side of Japan. Cities like Kobe, Nigata, Kamogawa, Itoshima offer a good way of seeing Japan in a more holistic approach.

Meet Japanese people

The advantage of moving to work in Japan, is of course meeting native Japanese people. Meeting Japanese people allows you to make friends and learn the language.

Meeting and integrating into a new culture is of its self interesting and can generate new experiences for people. Most of us live in a routine, going to work and returning home, to wake up in the morning and do that all over again.

Travel expands our social network from a few people, family to a bigger more expanded network and networking helps create new opportunities like work, jobs and learning new cultural aspects.

Challenge yourself!

Moving to a new country can feel scary. It can feel to some of us as a culture shock. After all we are becoming exposed to new food, to an alien language, a new culture; everything is different! It is easy to feel overwhelmed at first at the idea that you are no longer in your comfort zone.

But fear is not real, overcoming that initial fear is the secret to unlocking amazing new experiences.

If you have ever wondered what it feels to live in japan then the next step is to book a flight and go. Just do it!

Don’t listen to the nay-sayers, the negative people and your mum, grandma or others that might dismiss your ideas as crazy.

Go out, do it and challenge your belief systems.

Clean and safe working environment

Working in a foreign country may seem high risk. However one advantage of living in Japan is that it offers a safe and welcoming environment to live and work in. Although the working hours might seem terrible not all companies have bad work conditions as is stated in the media.

One advantage is Japan is a clean country and safe. The streets, the stores and the offices are kept to a high standard of cleanliness. This is ingrained in Japanese culture.

Students are thought to take personal responsibility to clean their classroom. Local residents take care to maintain the orderly appearance of their community.

Therefore when working in japan you will be working in a clean, safe and productive environment. Teamwork is also emphasized over individualism

Finding New Opportunities

If you feel like changing your career. You are not alone. It is estimated that 4 million workers in the US will quit their jobs. If you no longer feel motivated in your career, maybe it’s time for something new.

Some people quit their Jobs as a lawyer, doctor, digital marketing executives just to move to Japan and teach English. Various ALTs and teachers here stand by the fact of about how much they prefare their life over in japan.