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The Best Job Hunting Websites To find Work In Japan

The best Job hunting websites in Japan

When it comes to finding a Job, whether you live in the UK, Malta or Japan most of the Job hinting is now being done online. Most people become English teachers in Japan as this guarantees that a working visa and a job that doesn’t really require Japanese. In fact a lot of working foreigners in Japan start as English language teachers, ALTs or conversation partners.

If teaching is not your passion however, it may be the time to quit the Job and find an alternative employment.


Although LinkedIn is a popular website for finding jobs here in Europe, UK and the USA, there aren’t that many Japanese companies that use LinkedIn. Most Japanese companies might use other platforms such as Facebook, social media platforms. However LinkedIn still has many job opportunities for foreigners looking to find work in Japan. Especially if you work in technology or the IT sector.

On LinkedIn most jobs come from companies that are usually non Japanese however are based here in Japan. Here most of the jobs are targeted towards foreigners. Most Japanese usually use other platforms for finding work.

GaijinPot Jobs

Gaijinpot is a great website that can allow you to find jobs regardless of whether you’re outside or inside of Japan. In fact Some of the jobs can be applied from overseas. Jobs here range from English teaching, to university teaching, marketing, web development and even sciences. However as pointed out before most of the Jobs that are found in Japan usually are related to English teaching jobs.

The layout of the website is very simple and easy to use, so if you are not a tech guru and find it hard to navigate various websites using GaijinPot will not be a problem. One advantage of the website is that it allows you to make a CV and post that on the site its self making the job hunting process easier.

Personally recommended website!

Here is the link to GaijinPot ->>


This website is similar to and offers a variety of jobs for foreigners who wish to work in japan. The website allows you to search jobs depending upon your keywords, location and desired job category. The biggest industries in Japan advertised here include teaching and information technology Jobs.

One can choose to look for jobs that are based overseas and that do not require Japanese language skills (such as No Nihongo Jobs).

Once again the layout of the website is simple and easy to navigate, its easy to set up and start sending CVs as soon as you get going.

Check out the website Here

Career Engine

Career Engine is a bilingual Japanese and English Job site. The key feature of this job hunting website is the filter. Jobs can be categorized on the language requirements. These can be divided into:

non (Japanese language skill), conversational, fluent, business level and native level. So whatever your level of Japanese, jobs from ranging from a high level proficiency to a lower one are always going to be available.

Of course Japanese isn’t the only language that you should speak, so of you can speak in other languages such as Thai, Chinese, French, Korean, German or Spanish this can help boost your CV further.

Registering for an account is simple and adding your resume.


Daijob is another website aimed towards job search for bilingual talent with global companies. If you have a good level of Japanese then try Daijob. On this website there are many listings from Japanese companies that are looking for foreign talent mostly requiring a good level of Japanese proficiency.

However if your level is not that high or you are still starting to learn Japanese, I would still try the website as various opportunities can still be found here.

Check it out here guys << Daijob>>


Indeed is another website targeting those currently living in Japan. This is a great job search site with a wide variety of jobs and companies, Usually it is not specific to Japan and one can find Jobs in various countries.

The advantage of indeed is that It has a very simple and easy to use interface, a lot of job offers, and an easy to search filter based on job type or location. The site is mainly geared towards those people living in Japan who are searching for work.

The most helpful features of Indeed are its availability of company reviews and salary filters. These features can help you make a more informed decision about the place you want to work at. Again this is not only applicable for Japanese companies however If you are looking at starting work at a particular company such features are really helpful at deciding where to go to next.

Remember the salary is not always the only reason we choose to work somewhere. The working conditions and the flexibility are also important criteria.

Check the Website here

NINJA (NextInJapan)

NINJA (Next IN Japan) is a site that focuses on providing jobs to foreigners that have high Japanese proficiency and live in Japan.

They site provides guides on how to change careers, how to write up a resume and how to ace interview questions. The filters can easily help you find what you’re looking for.

If you want to know more about the site click here

If anyone needs more information check out my linkedin account