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JLPT N2 Kanji List

源 (しげん) source
電源 (でんげん) source of electricity
水源 (すいげん) source of water
農 (のう) – This character means “agriculture” or “farm”
濃い (こい) – This word means “dark” or “strong,”
濃厚(のうこう) – Rich, Thick, Dense flavour
湿湿 (しつ) – “moisture” or “humidity,”
湿る (しめる) – “to become damp” or “to get moist,”
湿った空気 (しめたくうき) – “moist air” or “humid air,”
洗濯物が湿っている (せんたくものがしめっている) – “the laundry is wet”
汚 す(よごす) to contaminate
が汚れる (がよがれる) Become dirty
汚点 (おてん) stains
混 (こん)
混雑する (こんざつする) Crush
混乱する (こんらんする) chaos, confusion
過 (か) – Excessive, beyond
過ぎる (すぎる) – To pass, to exceed
過激 (かげき) – Extreme, excessive
過度 (かど) – Excess, over-
自信過剰 (じしんかじょう) – Overconfidence
製造過程 (せいぞうかてい) – Manufacturing process
過ごす (すごす) – To spend (time), to pass (time)
過剰 (かじょう) – Excess, surplus
過去 (かこ) – Past
過程 (かてい) – Process, course of action
(込) – Into, in, crowded
込み入る (こみいる) – To be complicated, to be intricate
読み込む (よみこむ) – To read (carefully), to master
見込み (みこみ) – Expectation, prospect
持ち込む (もちこむ) – To bring (something) into (a place)
申し込み (もうしこみ) – Application, subscription
書き込む (かきこむ) – To write in, to fill in
呼び込み (よびこみ) – Solicitation, canvassing
信じ込む (しんじこむ) – To believe firmly, to be convinced
振り込む (ふりこむ) – To transfer money
逃げる (にげる) – To escape, to run away
見逃す (みのがす) – To overlook, to miss
得る (える) – To gain, to obtain
取得 (しゅとく) – Acquisition, obtaining
得難い (えがたい) – Hard to obtain, difficult to gain
得意 (とくい) – Skillful, good at, one’s forte
なり得る (なりえる) – To be able to become, to have the potential to be
お得な (おとくな) – Advantageous, profitable, good deal
従う (したがう) – To obey, to follow, to abide by
從事 (じゅうじ) – Engaging in, being employed in, pursuing
従業員 (じゅうぎょういん) – Employee, worker, staff member
従来 (じゅうらい) – Up to now, so far, traditional
御苦労 (ごくろう) – Hard work, trouble, effort
御苦労さま (ごくろうさま) – Thank you for your hard work
誤り (あやまり) – Mistake, error
誤解 (ごかい) – Misunderstanding
試行錯誤 (しこうさくご) – Trial and error
謝る (あやまる) – To apologize
感謝 (かんしゃ) – Gratitude
謝罪 (しゃざい) – Apology
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