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JLPT N2 Kanji List

加わる (kuwawaru) – to be added, to join
加える (kuwaeru) – to add, to append
加熱 (kanetsu) – heating, warming
書き加える (kaki kuwaeru) – to add in writing, to append
付け加える (tsukekuwaeru) – to add additionally, to append
加減 (kagen) – adjustment, moderation

加速する (kasoku suru) – to accelerate
增加 (zouka) – increase, addition
参加型 (sanka-gata) – participatory, participation-based
参加 (sanka) – participation, joining
参加者 (sankasha) – participant
追加 (tsuika) – addition, supplement
追加料金ついかりょうきんadditional fees, charges
協会 (kyoukai) – association, organization
協力 (kyouryoku) – cooperation, collaboration
協力者 (kyouryokusha) – collaborator, cooperative person
勤める (tsutomeru) – to work for, to be employed by
勤務 (kinmu) – service, duty, work
勤務先 (kinmu saki) – place of work, workplace
出勤 (shukkin) – attendance at work, going to work

通勤 (tsuukin) – commuting to work, commuter travel
転勤 (tenkin) – job transfer, relocation for work
夜勤 (yakin) – night shift, working at night
姿勢 (shisei) – posture, stance, attitude
大勢 (taisei) – large number, majority, general trend
勧める (susumeru) – to recommend, to advise, to encourage
お勧め (osusume) – recommendation, suggestion, advice
養う (yashinau) – to nurture, to raise, to support
教養 (kyouyou) – culture, refinement, education
栄養分 (eiyou bun) – nutrients
養成する (yousei suru) – to train, to cultivate, to develop
休養 (kyuuyou) – rest, break, relaxation
飾り (kazari) – decoration, ornament
飾る (kazaru) – to decorate, to adorn, to embellish
装飾 (soushoku) – decoration, ornamentation, embellishment
共働き (kyoudoukai) – dual income, both spouses working
共同 (kyoudou) – joint, common, cooperative
共感 (kyoukan) – sympathy, empathy, agreement
共通 (kyoutsuu) – common, universal, shared
共有 (kyouyuu) – sharing, joint ownership
公共 (koukyou) – public, public sector, community
異なる (kotonaru) – to differ, to vary, to be different
異文化 (ibunka) – different culture, foreign culture
異動 (idou) – transfer, reassignment, change
異常 (ijou) – abnormality, anomaly, irregularity
並木 (namiki) – row of trees, tree-lined street
並木道 (namikimichi) – tree-lined path, avenue
並ぶ (narabu) – to line up, to stand in line, to queue
並べ替える (narabekaeru) – to rearrange, to reorder, to line up
並ぶ (narabu) – to line up, to stand in line, to queue
普及 (fukyuu) – diffusion, spread, popularization
普段 (fudan) – usually, ordinarily, normally
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