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JLPT N2 Kanji List

恐れる (osoreru) – to fear, to be afraid of
恐ろしい (osoroshii) – dreadful, terrible, frightening
恐れ入る (osoreiru) – to be sorry, to be ashamed
恐縮 (kyoushuku) – feeling obliged, being grateful
病を患う (yamai o wazurau) – to suffer from an illness
患者 (kanja) – patient, suffere
総額 (sougaku) – total amount, sum total
総務 (soumu) – general affairs, overall management
総 (sou) – all, whole, total
態度 (taido) – attitude, behavior, demeanor
実態 (jittai) – actual condition, real state of affairs
状態 (joutai) – condition, state, situation
生態 (seitai) – ecology, way of life, habitat
恥 (haji) – shame, embarrassment
恥ずかしい (hazukashii) – embarrassed, ashamed
快い (kokoroyoi) – pleasant, agreeable
快適な (kaiteki na) – comfortable, pleasant, cozy
愉快な (yukaina) – pleasant, delightful, enjoyable
記憶 (kioku) – memory, recollection
記憶力 (kiokuryoku) – memory, memorization, memory power
記憶装置 (kioku souchi) – memory device, storage device
怖い (kowai) – scary, frightening
怖がる (kowagaru) – to be afraid, to be scared
恐怖 (kyoufu) – fear, terror, horror
慣れる (nareru) – to get used to, to become accustomed to
慣れ親しむ (nare shitashimu) – to become familiar with, to grow accustomed to
習慣 (shuukan) – habit, custom, practice
沖 (oki) – open sea, offshore
沖縄 (Okinawa) – Okinawa Prefecture, an island chain in Japan
溶ける (tokeru) – to melt, to dissolve
溶かす (tokasu) – to melt, to dissolve (transitive)
渡る (wataru) – to cross (e.g., a river, a street)
渡す (watasu) – to hand over, to pass, to give
見渡す (miwatasu) – to look out over, to survey, to take in the view
受け渡す (ukewatasu) – to transfer, to hand over, to deliver
浜 (hama) – beach, seashore
浜辺 (hamabe) – beach, seaside
砂浜 (sunahama) – sandy beach
滞る (todokooru) – to stagnate, to be delayed
渋滞 (juutai) – congestion, traffic jam
滞在 (taizai) – stay, sojourn, residence
沈む (shizumu) – to sink, to submerge
沈める (shizumeru) – to sink, to submerge (transitive)
沈黙 (chinmoku) – silence, quietness
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