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Home » Kuse ni (くせに ) Japanese grammar N3

Kuse ni (くせに ) Japanese grammar N3

Japanese gramar point Kuse ni

The grammar point Kuse Ni refers to the meaning of and yet; although; despite the fact that ~ This expression is similar to Kedo but expresses a stronger emotion by the person who i using it.

くせに is often used when we want to accuse, tease, criticize someone, it basically shows the speaker’s contempt or dissatisfaction towards somthing.


 noun + の( = no) +くせに( = kuseni)

ex:  彼は男のくせに甘いものが好きだ。= Kare wa otoko no kuse ni amaimono ga sukida.

= For a man, he likes sweets.

ex: 大きい会社のくせに設備が整っていない。= Ookii kaisha no kuse ni setubi ga totonotte inai.

= It is a big company but it is poorly equipped

ex: 医者でもないくせに。= Isha demo nai kuseni.

As if you were a doctor?



= Kare wa utaga hetana kuse ni kashu ni naritai.

= Despite being  bad at singing,  he wants to be a singer.

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