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Grammar List For The JLPT N3 Exam

N3 grammar points

16. させてください = Means let me do

質問させてください。shitsumon sasetekudasai, Please allow me to ask a question.

調子が悪いので、早く帰らさせてください. choushi ga warui node, hayaku kaerasete kudasai.. Im feeling a little sick, please allow me to go home early.

返事をする前にちょっと考えさせてください。Henji wo suru mae no chotto kange sasetekudasai. Please allow me to think before i can give you an answer!

17. ないと = must do/ if i do not do it ….

早くしないと間に合わないよ。hayaku shinai to maniawanai yo. if i do not leave early i will not make it on time.

早く寝ないと、明日起きられないよ。hayaku nenai to, ashita okirarenai yo. if you dont sleep early you will not wake up early tomorrow.

この値段より安くないと買わない。kono nendan yori yasuku nai to kawanai.  I won’t buy it unless it is cheaper than this price.

18. なくちゃ = I have to do [Because i think i should do it]

I should eat more because i must eat to gain mass! 食べなくちゃ.

行かなくちゃ。ikka nakuchya. i must go!

もう寝なくちゃ。mou ne nakuchya. i have to go to bed early

田中さんメール返信をしなくちゃ。must respond to Tanaka San’s e-mail.

19. しなきゃ = I must do [because i have to do it]

20. ちゃう ( = chau) /じゃう ( = jau) = means “will finish” “will be done”.

In casual speech, ~てしまう is substituted by ~ちゃう

そろそろ遅くなっちゃうよ。- It’ll gradually become late, you know.

明日までに宿題をしちゃいます。Ashita made ni shukudai wo shichai masu. I will finish my home work by tomorrow.

**with ぶ ( =bu) , む (= mu) , ぬ (= nu) or ぐ ( = gu)  it becomes じゃう ( jau ) or じゃった ( jatta)****

遊んじゃう, 飲んじゃう and past tense 遊んじゃった/ 飲んじゃった  

21. ちゃった  ( = chatta) /じゃった(=jatta) = Past tense of ~ちゃう means “to have done”, “to have finished”

チョコレートを全部食べちゃった. I ate all the chocolate…ooops !

疲れが出たので、寝ちゃった。Tsukareta ga deta node, nechatta I was tired and ended up sleeping.

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