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🔥The Best Resources to Study Japanese in 2024 ?


Lets face it Learning a new language is hard, however there are various resources were we can learn from. If we do a quick google search there are various websites and channels on YouTube. However which are the Best Resources for Studying Japanese?

YouTube is a free and awesome channel to learn from easy guide for studying japanese. Below I include some new resources I am using to study for JLPT.

1. Nihongo to Tabi

This is a recently new YouTube channel, launched back in January of 2020. The host of the channel, who is unnamed, didn’t really start publishing videos until May. Currently there are up to 167 video uploads!

This channel is great as it lets you learn while listening and reading at the same time.

Some of the videos are based on themes like karaoke or vehicles, and various grammar points are covered ranging from the basic JLPT N4 to N1 grammar levels.

The guy in the video teaches each point in Japanese only, making this a great opportunity to both listen and learn at the same time. He actually speaks slowly enough and adjusts his language by level.

Besides listening, as there is plenty of text on the screen it is a great opportunity to test out reading ability too which is a good reason to watch the channel when exploring a video on a new concept.

The great thing about the videos are his consistency in style and structure making each video easy to grasp.

2. Game Gengo ゲーム言語

Game Gengo is a great channel that teaches the main grammar points for the JLPT N5 and N4 in a less boring way compared to endless lists that will burn your eyes while reading them.

The host is great as he take the audience through the main grammar points used in video games.

The pace is quite slow and each grammar point is made clear. The great thing about this channel is that the host does not only explain the grammar points but does so in the context of a conversation held in a game scenario.

this makes the point understandable rather then just reading the grammar point for its own sake.

3. ToKini Andy

This guy made me fall in love with the language. He’s lessons are not ony fun but easy to understand and learn from. Andy takes us through the main textbooks Genki I and Genk II main grammar points up to intermediate Japanese language learning.

The lessons are really clear and easy to follow, so easy you can follow them over a cup of tea and some biscuits, or ice cream for the matter.

The grammar is made simple and the dialogues are easy to read and follow.

Any new beginners out there i highly can’t recommend this guy more!

4. もしもしゆうすけ

This channel is about Yuske a Japanese guy who walk about the streets of Tokyo and some other restaurants in Japan and speak plain native Japanese. the great thing about the channel is that he include English translation for the Japanese learners out there.

If you want to build a strong Native Japanese understanding I suggest you follow this channel.

This is Pure raw Japanese, listen, read and take in the city vibes of Tokyo and beyond.

5. BenJiro

What can I say about Benjiro? Last but not least?

I think its not enough credit for this guy. In my opinion he is a genius. The Host Ben created a youtube channel were he speaks to random Japanese people in a beginner level language and highlights all the important words needed.

Again this can help you build up that native vocab you dream about at night.

Ditch those boring books for once and just go with the flow. Instead of Netflix just practice your Japanese skills.

Go on! youre going great !