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Home » Kanji Words Related to Work For JLPT N3 “職” (しょく)

Kanji Words Related to Work For JLPT N3 “職” (しょく)

Japanese Words Related to Work

In the Japanese language, the kanji 職業 (しょくぎょう) represents the concept of occupation, profession, vocation, career, trade, and employment. Understanding the various terms related to occupations and jobs is essential for effective communication in Japanese.

The kanji 職 (しょく) is composed of two parts: 耳 (ear) and 戈 (spear). The 耳 (ear) component represents listening, while the 戈 (spear) component represents work or labor. Together, the kanji 職 (しょく) represents the concept of occupation.

A list of words for the JLPT N3 can be found below:

  1. 職業 (しょくぎょう) – Occupation, profession
  2. 職場 (しょくば) – Workplace
  3. 職員 (しょくいん) – Staff member, employee
  4. 職務 (しょくむ) – Professional duties, job responsibilities
  5. 職人 (しょくにん) – Craftsman, artisan
  6. 職業訓練 (しょくぎょうくんれん) – Vocational training
  7. 職探し (しょくさがし) – Job hunting, job search
  8. 職勢 (しょくせい) – Employment situation
  9. 就職 (しゅうしょく) – Finding employment, getting a job
  10. 転職 (てんしょく) – Job change, changing one’s occupation
  11. 常勤職 (じょうきんしょく) – Full-time job, permanent position
  12. 臨時職員 (りんじしょくいん) – Temporary staff, part-time employee
  13. 官職 (かんしょく) – Official post, government office
  14. 雇用 (こよう) – Employment, hiring
  15. 自営職 (じえいしょく) – Self-employment, working for oneself
  16. 非常勤職 (ひじょうきんしょく) – Part-time job, non-regular position