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Most common Japanese vocabulary when going to the Bank!

Japanese vocabulary and Kanji when visiting a Bank in Japan

The following post we will read some vocabulary used when going to a Japanese Bank! and learn how to use an ATM in Japan. In this post I list a set of kanji and vocabulary for using to withdraw money or deposit money in an ATM machine.

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Common Japanese vocabulary used at the bank in Japan

口座 こうざ = Bank account

手数料てすうりょう = handling fee, commission on transaction

通帳 つうちょう = Bank book

クレジットカード = credit card

IC カード = IC card

エーティーエム = ATM

金額 きんがく = amout

硬貨 こうか = Coin

暗証番号 あんしょうばんごう = P.I.N = personal identification Number

受付 うけつけ = information Desk

金庫 きんこ = safe/ deposit

振替 ふりかえ= Change of money

振込 ふりこみ = Despoit

残高 ざんだか = Balance

口座を開きたいんですが ⁼ I would like to open and account

口座を閉じたいんですが = I would like to close an account

ドルを円にかえてください= please exchange dollar to yen

How to Use a Japanese ATM – Vocabulary and Kanji

When walking around a train station or Airport in Japan its common to find ATMs were you can easily withdraw money. However how to withdraw money from an ATM? Its actually quite simple. Here I discuss the user interface anatomy of a Japanese ATM.

How to use a Japanese ATM machine ATM機

引き出し => ひきだし = Cash withdrawal

お振り込み => おふりこみ = Payment made via bank deposit

料金 => りょうきん = Charge Fair.

税金 => ぜいきん = Tax/duty

預け入れ = おずけいれ=cash deposit

お振り替え おふりかえ = Transfer of money – This is usually used to transfer money between two bank accounts, in this case you are transferring money between your own bank accounts.

残高照会 = ざんだかしょうかい = Balance enquiry

通帳記入つうちょうきにゅう – Passbook Update – This function usually will print all the recent transactions that were conducted on your account and give you a balance of the total transactions carried out.