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Japanese That Is Difficult To Express In English (reading Practice)

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では、英語でどのように表現するのでしょうか。色々と調べてみると、”It can’t be helped.”, “It is what it is.”, “That’s life”, “That’s the way it goes.”, “I can’t help it”, “I have no choice.”など様々な表現が出てきました。日本語では「しょうがない」ですが、英語で話す際にはシチュエーションに合わせて考える必要があるんですね。




Post office in Japan


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ENGLISH VERSION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Surprisingly, there are many opportunities to use the word “can’t help” (“can’t help”) in Japanese.

This word is used in various situations. It’s used to tell yourself or someone when you give up something, to comfort someone, or to admit a helpless reality. Writing in this way feels like a voluminous word, but in reality it is a very convenient word that can be used from very light to heavy. Not only do we give up things, we also use them to move in the positive direction.

According to Ginger Garden, the meaning of unavoidable is “There is no specification (cannot be helped), there is no way to do it. I can’t get rid of it. It can’t be helped.” To give an example of when to use it,

・ It is unavoidable that you cannot travel in Corona.

・ I studied hard, but I failed the exam. I can’t help it, so I’ll do my best until the next exam.

・ I have a lover for my favorite person. I can’t help it, so let’s find the next best person.

・ I have a cold. I can’t help it, so let’s take a day off from school today.

So how do you express it in English? After a lot of research, “It can’t be helped.”, “It is what it is.”, “That’s life”, “That’s the way it goes.”, “I can’t help it”, ” Various expressions such as “I have no choice.” In Japanese, it’s “unavoidable”, but when speaking in English, you need to think according to the situation.

Why did you think of this? .. ..

I took the mail to the post office today, but because there are few planes due to the influence of Corona, the price of international mail has risen (the price of international parcels remains the same, but the price of EMS has an additional charge. Also, the handling of economy flights called SAL flights has been discontinued at this time). I have prepared my luggage, so I have no choice but to send it! Because I thought.

Also, I was thinking of taking it to the central post office, but I couldn’t help it because it was raining, so I went to a small post office in the neighborhood.