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How to use ほど (hodo) in Japanese

Japanese N3 grammar ほど

one of the more common JLPT grammar points for N3 is on how to use ほど (hodo) in Japanese. This grammar point is utilized when the speaker wants to say ‘ The more’ ‘the extent that’.

Meaning: the more, to the extent that


Verb-casual, non-past + ほど
なadj + なほど/であるほど
Noun + ほど
いadj + ほど

Example sentences:

  1. 試験は、思ったほど難しくなかった。

Shiken wa omotta hodo muzukashiku nakatta.

The exam was not as difficult as I had expected it to be.

2. その店は評判ほど悪い店ではありませんでした。

Sono mise wa hyouban hodo warui mise dewa arimasen deshita.

The restaurant was not so bad as the reviews.

3. この漫画は、飽きるほど読んだ。

Kono manga wa akiru hodo yonda.

I will read this comic book to the extent that I got tired of it.