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Home » 日本の食べ物~高野豆腐 -Japanese food Koya-dofu, Frozen dried Tofu

日本の食べ物~高野豆腐 -Japanese food Koya-dofu, Frozen dried Tofu

Japanese Tofu













~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ENGLISH VERSION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Nowadays, tofu is so famous that everyone in the world knows it, but today I would like to introduce a slightly different tofu. Do you know Koya-dofu? Koya-dofu is a preserved food made by freezing tofu, aging it at low temperature, and then drying it. Even in Japan, it seems that you can eat a lot in Kansai(West) area, but I feel that you rarely see it in Kanto(East) area. However, this is a very easy-to-cook, delicious and healthy food.

Compare with regular tofu,

It include about 7 times more protein! !! !! and 8 times more fat! !! !!

Then, eight times as much fat may sound unhealthy, but about 80% of it is unsaturated fatty acids. Unsaturated fatty acids have various effects such as preventing arteriosclerosis and blood clots, lowering blood pressure, and reducing bad cholesterol.

Not only that, it contains a lot of healthy nutrients such as soy saponin, which promotes fat metabolism, soy isoflavone which act like estrogen, lecithin, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and dietary fiber and so on.

It’s such a nice food, but it’s about 100-200 yen for 3-4 servings, so the price is very reasonable.

The cooking method is also very easy. When you open the bag, you will find a small bag. The amount of hot water and the amount of Koya-dofu are printed on the bag. This time, for every 6 Koya -dofu, 1 sachet and 150 ml of water were added.

Melt this in hot water and put Koya-dofu in it.

Cover with plastic wrap so that it covers about two-thirds of the whole.

Heat it in the microwave at 600W for 5 minutes and it’s done. Do you see that it’s a little plump than it was at the beginning?

It’s easy to do, but the taste of the soup stock is soaked in and it’s very delicious! How about as a side dish for meals?

By the way, in Kansai(West) area, the fact that the taste of the soup stock is soaked in is said “しゅんでる(shuduru)”.